Hmmm... About me...

The short version: I'm the mom of 3 great daughters +1 and I have a great man in my life. I'm a Virtual Assistant and a blogger. I am a fantastic cook, I know how to use power tools and I try to learn something new every day.

The longer version: I am a 46 year old premenopausal woman who has spent the last few years battling severe depression and severe social anxiety disorder. I have come through it and I am healing.  My intention is to help others heal as well. I want others to have wonderful lives and to live without unhealthy fear and anxiety.

I live my life using my core roles: highest self; mom and partner; student of life; entrepreneur; creator as well as my signature strengths: gratitude; creativity, ingenuity and originality;  appreciation of beauty and excellence; fairness and equality; kindness and generosity; love of learning. Knowing the importance of these in my life has made a dramatic impact on how I see the world and everything in it. I see it as Some Kinda Wonderful.
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